About MoTeCH

MoTeCH explores the potential for health service benefits of information technology.  Little research has been done on the feasibility of utilizing mobile phone technology for reforming routine health information operations and improving community health care worker efficiency and health service effectiveness. Filling these critical knowledge gaps, the project will build upon promising healthcare reform efforts underway in Ghana.  Further, it will test the promise of technology in reforming routine health information operations strengthening community-based health care services.

The project is working toward these goals by:

  • Reviewing existing health information systems and assessing community health service information needs
  • Developing a community service delivery system for testing mobile phone-based information systems for improving maternal, newborn, and early childhood care;
  • Developing the district health management system software that is needed to accommodate mobile phone-transmitted service information;
  • Evaluating  the impact of mobile phone technology introduction on health service volume and delivery, and disseminating lessons learned about mobile phone applications to key stakeholders, policy makers, and health system managers so that, if effective, this type of data gathering can be replicated in similar settings.
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