In collaboration with the Navrongo Health Research Centre, the MoTeCH Initiative is conducting rigorous evaluation of its activities in order to determine whether the incorporation of cell phones and the introduction of simplified registers allows nurses and volunteers to accomplish their work more efficiently and effectively. If the study proves that cell phones can improve the quality of routine health information systems in a way that enhances overall health outcomes, the Ghana Health Service will seek opportunities to support expansion of this technology to districts across the country.

The evaluation process consists of:

  • A project survey on maternal care and child health in communities of Kassena-Nankana and Kassena-Nankana West Districts that has assessed patterns of  health seeking behavior and coverage of essential maternal and child health indicators as well as individual and household access to cell phones,
  • Qualitative assessment of management and worker reactions to the MoTeCH system,
  • Operations research studies that evaluate the impact of simplified health information registers and mobile phone technology on the routine work processes of community health workers and on the quality of aggregated health service data compiled by these workers,
  • An individual-level randomized assessment of the impact of reminders and feedback on the health seeking behavior of mothers in their final trimester of pregnancy and their care of infants in the first month of life
  • Assessment of the impact of the impact of service worker reminders and alerts on the health seeking behavior of mothers.
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