Source Code

The MoTeCH 1.0 source code is now available for public use. If you are interested in accessing the MoTeCH 1.0 source code and the documentation guide, please click here: MoTeCH source code & guide

MoTeCH System Overview (click diagram for full size image)

Implementation Process
To learn more about the technical aspects involved in the implementation of MoTeCH 1.0, please visit our wiki page. The wiki page offers valuable information including definitions of key concepts, diagrams, answers to frequently asked questions, and several documentation notes. To visit the wiki site: MoTeCH wiki site.

MoTeCH 2.0
Currently there is ongoing engineering work being conducted to help improve the functionality of the MoTeCH software.  The newest version, known as MoTeCH 2.0,  seeks to improve the original MoTeCH 1.0 by :

  • developing efficient algorithms for scheduling messages to support larger scale implementations
  • reducing the dependency on OpenMRS
  • supporting different IVR and SMS providers
  • implementing new functionality such as pill reminders and adherence reporting

To learn more about the MoTeCH 2.0 project goals, please visit the Grameen Foundation website.  The source code being utilized for this work can be found here: MoTeCH 2.0 source code

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