Services for Nurses

MoTeCH enables nurses to directly enter patient encounter information into their mobile phones. This information is then used in the generation of the nurses’ monthly reports.  This automatic generation of reports saves the nurses valuable time and improves report accuracy.

The MoTeCH system’s search component further allows nurses to search for patients’ records through their mobile phone.  On an individual level, a nurse can look for specific information on a patient, such as their due date or contact information. The system also allows for nurses to search information about groups of patients in their catchment area. An example of this would be a search for all defaulters (patients overdue for checkups) or a listing of women with upcoming due dates.

Another valuable tool that MoTeCH provides nurses with is the alert or automated SMS functions. On a weekly basis nurses are notified via text messages on various patient updates such as new defaulters and both upcoming and recent deliveries. This can allow for nurses to work together more efficiently in planning ahead for upcoming deliveries of care.

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